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In the spirit of the transcendental attitude, an orientation of peaceful acknowledgement of ‘What Is’, the Nâm Academy explores subjects and activities of relevance to our daily lives, individually, socially and culturally.

Nâm Thinking finds its source and inspiration in the oeuvre of Yoginâm. Here, the human being is by its nature a transcendental being, living in an overall scope of being, not-being and non-being. A natural development towards spiritual maturity will result in Well-Being, fuelled by a state of Certainty rooted in Awareness.

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Sunday 1 January 2023

The Book of Nâm Series Episode 10

Live Zoom presented by Nâm Foundation, with:

Hubertus Bahorie
Mario Lopes
León Alexander

Main Activities

of the Nâm Academy are


Online podcast series, currently studies on The Book of Nâm, the latest work by Yoginâm.


Publication of articles and essays on Nâm Thinking, exploring a subject of contemporary relevance from the perspective of Nâm Thinking.


Publication of selected papers by Yoginâm.

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Papers by Yoginâm

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Human Living In order to avoid ultimate disintegration of humanity it needs to return to an ethical way of living that is life supporting and

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