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In the spirit of the phenomenological attitude, peaceful acknowledgement of ‘What Is’, the Nâm Academy explores subjects of relevance to optimal living, both individually and culturally. Nâm Thinking finds its source in the oeuvre of the contemporary thinker and mystic Yoginâm. 

The Nâm Academy proceeds from the vantage point that the human being is by nature transcendental: An expression of Awareness and amalgamation of Experience, a sharing in infinite Resonance. A natural development from infancy towards spiritual Maturity, from a state of ignorance to Wisdom, will result in Well-Being; rooted in Awareness of the transcendental nature of living. This is the backbone for a healthy social and psychological environment.

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Main Activities

of the Nâm Academy are


Online podcast series: Exploring Optimal Human Living, SIWEB, The Book of Nâm, Virtus Quaestionis


Publication of articles and essays on Nâm Thinking, exploring a subjects from the perspective of Nâm Thinking.


Publication of selected papers by Yoginâm.

a new Podcast series by LEON ALEXANDER

Exploring Optimal Human Living

In the series Conversations for exploring optimal human living, the Nâm Academy invites contemporary thinkers for dialogues and presentations to investigate the meaning and implications of the transcendent nature of human living.

a dutch Podcast series

Virtus Quaestionis

In de maand van de filosofie waren er elke woensdagavond Midweekse Overwegingen; lezingen en gesprekken met Ruimte voor het Andere​



In The Book of Nâm Series, each episode of an hour will focus on one of the chapters of the book. We will provide a general introduction to the work of Yoginâm, focus on various key concepts in his vocabulary, and explore the application of these insights into daily life.

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Papers by Yoginâm

Wisdom and Abbah

In the early Zoroastrianism, that of the Gathas, the ultimate, which was called Ahura Mazda, was conceived of as Wisdom. The ultimate was not imagined

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