Series: Journey of a Transcendental Anthropology

The principle of the Nâm Academy is: Life wants to live optimally. The purpose of the Nâm Academy is to facilitate a platform for the development of perspectives on optimal Human Living. These series of essays are an attempt to pursue an anthropological perspective on human living in an affirmation of its inherently transcendental nature.

The essays are open to peer review in the spirit of inviting further exchanges of views. We welcome feedback, useful references and constructive criticism from readers in terms of any relevant expertise. Please address these to the author at:

Transcendental Anthropology

PART I: Opening to the Other

This essay features Part I in the series titled Journey of a Transcendental Anthropology. For the prologue to these series, please see here: Prologue to Series Introduction

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Under this section we make available articles on contemporary subjects studied from the perspective of Nâm thinking, and articles about Nâm thinking and its terminology.

The current authors are Hubertus Bahorie and Leon Alexander. We also intent to republish work by other authors (with their permission) when it can be of interest from the perspective of Nâm.


Attuning to a World in Well-Being

Yoginâm presents a contemporary expression of a voice which has existed throughout human evolution in different cultural expressions. He calls it the Red Thread. This

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