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In order to avoid ultimate disintegration of humanity it needs to return to an ethical way of living that is life supporting and not life destroying. 

Rational deliberation without foundation in a transcendental awareness, which is one that corresponds to the basic nature of the human form of living, leads to a vortex of self destruction. 

Such a vortex is all inclusive. The, by nature, contingent course of collective thinking, expressed in ideals, theories and beliefs, as well as in open acts like war, exploitation and destruction, constitute this vortex. 

It is not the ideal, theory or policies that represent the vortex. The vortex is the condition that destructive ideals, theories and policies could become generated. The originators and the supporters that carry such ideals, theories and policies are a consequence of a cause that is invariably generated by erroneous identification of a large part of humanity. 

Such erroneous identification is itself a consequence of a culture that underestimates or ignores the importance of a fundamental identification in what corresponds to the nature of human living. Cause and Consequence are self perpetuating. Each Cause setting a Consequence and each Consequence having its Cause. 

An often, hidden red thread that runs through the course of human thinking indicates that the natural identification for the human kind of living lies in its being an expression of a whole, that is both infinite in its dimensions as well as most intimate in its essence. 

Human living between birth and death is a distinct way of sharing in both the infinity and the intimacy of transcendence, the nature of which is entirely outside the range of conscious knowing and inspirational emotion. 

In human living and the course of its thinking there is neither evolution, nor progress but rather a continuous reshuffling. Human living is a movement within permanence. It is an interactive ‘product’ of the sharing in the permanence of its transcendence. 

When the sharing is optimal there is harmony and unconditional Well-Being in living, in dying and in post-living. When the sharing hampers there is disharmony, disease, aggression, stress, anxiety in living, in death and in post-living. 

Only through optimal identification can sharing become optimal. Because of its interactive nature, appropriate management of Attitudes and Behaviour, generates new Causes for different Consequences. Such Attitudes and Behaviour are not about morality, ideology and beliefs, they are what you are in your expression of human living. 

Establishing optimal harmony in living as it expresses the permanence of what it is, is the single Task of Human Living. Every other endeavour is secondary to this Task. When this Task is ignored, life, whatever its achievement, is a waste. 

Discovering appropriate Attitudes and Behaviour depends on whether the identification about what life is, is in correspondence with its natural state, or is erroneous and rooted in false assumptions, beliefs, aspirations and ideas. 

The Way of Nâm is a powerful tool with which to establish beneficial Attitudes and Behaviour for the performance of the Task of Human Living. They are rooted in the ancient past as it was carried by the red thread along the course of humanity as a constant reminder. 

The Way of Nâm

Ultimate truth is unknowable. Everything that is considered as true is nothing more than a hypothesis. Given the nature of human thinking, using hypotheses as a tool is useful. What matters is to find and use the optimal hypothesis and the most supportive vocabulary. 

Human living is an amalgamation of ranges of resonance. Each range appears as a quality with characteristic, such as sense perception, consciousness, thinking, feeling or memory. Each range shares in its transcendence. 

The range, nature or intensity of this sharing is determined by the openness that one has for this sharing. In Ignorance there is denial of this sharing. In Wisdom there is full Attunement to this sharing. 

In Ignorance there is constriction. Life is only partially lived. This is a Cause that perpetuates itself by each Consequence becoming the same Cause in repetition. This happens both individually and collectively in groups, society and culture. 

Nâm is the fundamental attitude of Affirming. It is an Affirming that ‘what is’ is ‘what is’ as it is ‘what is’. There is no truth that is affirmed, nor a belief that is proclaimed. Affirming is self- transforming, it invites different Habitual Programmes of Perception. 

With Nâm circumstances are acknowledged for what they are. Opinions and beliefs will soon appear insignificant and irrelevant. Particularly when they are seen in the light of the all-embracing nature of sharing in infinity and intimacy. This generates an alchemy in which ignorance of denial transforms itself in the Wisdom of openness. 

The amalgamation of resonance shapes itself at birth into an ‘I/ World’, in which a ‘sense of I’ and a ‘sense of World’ interrelate in an all-inclusive manner. In Ignorance ‘I/World’ assumes for itself a separateness as if there would be an independent actor in an independent world, while both of which deny their source in their transcendence. 

In Nâm thinking there is a vocabulary that helps to understand the nature of human living, while with such understanding in the background erroneous ideas opinions and beliefs are easily found and can more easily be adjusted in order to be in more optimal Attunement. 

Nâm stresses that it is what it is and not that it is because I think or believe that it is so. Nâm is like a medicine that works its way. Nâm starts with a conscious input and gradually transforms into self-evidence. 

Living in Ignorance is rooted in a self identification in Soul, whereby you assume that you are the separate unit determined by its material being and its memory. In Wisdom identification has shifted to Heart. ‘I/World’ and its Soul memory is then entirely realised as being an expression of the all-embracing sharing. 

In Ignorance the living of ‘I/World’ is a carrier of constriction and closure. In Wisdom the living of ‘I/World’ is a Carrier of Nâm. In Ignorance living is restricted to ‘I/World’ as Experience in which life is determined by Soul. In Wisdom Experience becomes the expression of Awareness, which is the sharing in infinity and intimacy. 

For easy reference and for establishing anchors for inner orientation, the absolute unknowability of the infinity and intimacy of Awareness is referred to with the sound: Abbah.

Because you cannot relate to Abbah in its all-embracing infinity and intimacy, whatever you may imagine about it as image or concept is always Asha. Reaching Attunement in Abbah becomes tangible through Asha. 

The spiritual endeavour can easily be described as the endeavour to discover Abbah within Asha. This means discovering the transcendental nature of everything that you are as ‘I/World’, in its daily way of living. 

Beneficial Attitudes and Behaviour are called Adab. This expresses both the opinions, beliefs, desires and wishes as well as the actions and activities that correspond to them. Adab creates a resonance that supports the establishment of an ethics that is rooted in the nature of being human. 

Affirmation, Abbah, Asha and Adab constitute the framework with which it becomes easy to manage oneself and society in ways that lead to increased harmony and diverts away from the destructive course in which human living, because of its lack of Attunement, is imprisoned in. 

In this age of urgency, religions and traditions are hampered by their history and culture. They however, are also mere tools that often have become polluted by power and dispute. 

The Way of Nâm is pure and unpolluted. It represents the red thread without a cocoon of culture. This makes it universally applicable. It does not require an organisation. It is a medicine that, because it corresponds to the deepest nature and needs for humanity, is effective. 

The nature of living is to live optimally. When humanity returns to this search for living optimally, the self-destructive course in which a large segment of it is entangled, may be redirected. 

11 February 2023 


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